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Quail Eggs For Sale

Dale Creek now offers a selection of Coturnix Quail eggs. Hatching eggs are available by the dozen.


Coturnix quail are a dual‐purpose food source bird, and for the most part that is exactly what they are raised for commercially. There are some who raise them purely for sport hunting. In many places around the world, hunting clubs have been established for different types of game, including quail. They are hunting animals that have been specifically bred and raised for this purpose.

Some characteristics of these quail in the wild include extensive migratory behavior and early, prolific breeding capabilities. Humans have domesticated and bred these birds for thousands of years. Many color variations have been and are currently being developed. Japanese and Chinese Painted Quail are ideal aviary inhabitants. Being ground dwellers, they help keep the aviary floor tidied up. Be sure to have your game bird incubator ready and tested when your quail eggs arrive. If you own an egg candler you can check for development and watch your quail grow right in their shell. Make sure you have your game bird brooder, game bird founts and game bird feeders ready for your quail at hatch time.

The incubation period for a fertile coturnix quail egg is around 18 days in an incubator with humidity settings of 50‐60%. By day 14, you should move the eggs to the hatcher and stop turning them. Once your babies hatch you can expect them to mature by 8 weeks of age, which is another reason these birds are so popular for commercial consumption.

The eggs provide a mixed pen of brown, and golden, white, cinnamon, and tuxedo. If we can be of any help, feel free to call on or e‐mail us at the addresses and phone numbers listed on our contact page. We thank you for checking out our site, and we look forward to serving you.


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