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Some of the success stories and happy clients from Dale Creek Gundogs.

Hey everyone!!  Noah spotted these very rare "Buffel Heads" in a pond, belly crawled to sneak up on them and managed to get 2 of them!  Him and "Croix" were very proud as you can see! Thanks. 

Noah and Croix

Just wanted to thank you again for all you have done for Cash and myself. We placed again this weekend in a NSTRA trial. This is Cash's fourth placement in 12 months. Two of the four are 1st placements! Pretty remarkable for me considering I have been at this for fifteen years and have never had a dog of this caliber. I have to believe it is because of the proper training he has gotten from you. You truly are magical and have an incredible way to get the dog to do what you want and be extremely happy about it! Best thing yet, you have me trained to handle a dog in the proper way, that is an act of God! Anyway, enough babbling, YOU
ARE THE BEST! Thanks again. 

Deb and Cash
Just wanted to thank you again for the work you did with Dottie. I had her out yesterday and it was just a joy to hunt. She has been doing real well, I have been getting her out once a week religiously and yesterday was just a blast and the best day yet. Deb Dlobik actually hunted with us with Cash (ask her about the rooster in the tree!). I continue to learn how to handle a setter so it is also fun for this old dog to learn new tricks and Deb is good about sharing corrections in what I am doing. Yesterday Dottie had a few points that I just wish I had a camera with - I will not bore you with the details, but I am really loving hunting with a pointer and she and I are really starting to connect in the field. I think she is trusting me and wants to work for me, not just her- very encouraging. Still no retrieving, she marks, pounces, pins them down but once they quit moving, she leaves them, then they run, she pounces, you get the picture. But that will be for next year-now, just so happy to be able to hunt and hunt right again.
Thanks again so much and sorry for not giving you an update earlier.

Kelly J. Bradley

As always, thank you for getting Rookie “right”! Knowing I needed a dog that could retrieve and having a GSP that wanted nothing to do with retrieving, caused me many headaches. Your work with him on force fetching really did wonders. The next hurdle was backing. He was not a natural backer, so we needed to “get him right” again. And again, you came through. Thanks to your work, Rookie is a 1x CH and won the WI Regional Championship. We could NOT have done it without you. That being said I have grown in my knowledge of bird dogs and it has paralleled all you taught me and continue to teach me. Thanks again and I look forward to many new opportunities with Dale Creek.

Greg and Rookie

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